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Stationery for Self Care

Self care is trendy, but it’s not just a trend.

Our goal is to help empower you by creating thoughtful and engaging tools to help you get the most out of your self care practices, so that you have the right tools for the job.

when you are your best self and plan in accordance to how you actually feel, you are not only more productive, but more efficient and successful overall.



ThAt’s me; Aly.
I am an only parent, an INFJ, a coffee lover, illustrator and sTationery designer.

Lavender & Sage began with my own need for visually aesthetic and versatile tools To help me put into practice the skills and knowledge I’ve learned throughout my mental health journey.

I’m incredibly passionate about creating engaging tools and thoughtful dialogue that helps to educate and empower you in your own journey to self actualizatioN.


There are other stationery brands with curated collections of self care inspired tools- and there’s currently little shortage of options… but here’s what makes us different:

when self care is no longer trendy and stationery brands have moved on to another design market, we’ll still be here to remind you that your mental health and wellness are invaluable.

Why? Because self care may be trendy, but it isn’t a trend. Your holistic self care will always be one of the most important determinants of wellness.


Our tools are effective because they’re created in direct response to personal experience. They’re designed to empower you to value your health enough to put it at the forefront and stop sacrificing your wellness for the sake of moving someone else’s needle forward.

Your time and health are not renewable resources, and in order to thrive, you need to change the way you value and divide them.

I can give you all of the research and inspiration in the world, but if the tools you use every day don’t explicitly encourage you to prioritize and value your health, then how can you activELY and consistently implement those strategies every day?

Ready to overhaul your Self Care Toolkit?