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Mama Card: Why I Made This

The period immediately following the birth of my little one was a vert emotional & exhausting one. I was suddenly solely responsible for this tiny, completely dependent human who didn't understand me or the world around them and whose only form of communicating was by crying (or screaming). 

Those first few months were made so much more bearable y my amazing team of Midwives and especially my Doula, Katie. 

Her compassion and "realness" were both refreshing & validating. She reminded me that my feelings and emotions were all valid and that it's okay to love your child more than anything but sometimes not like them. 
It's unreasonable to expect to like one person 100% of the time- especially when you spend every moment with them... And yes, even if that person is your child. 

This card is my way of giving you the validation (and hopefully laughter) that Katie extended to me. 
And by donating 50% of the profits from each card to the Volunteer Doula Program here in the Halifax Regional Municipality, I'm able to help give to other Mama's in need the help and support they need. 

Leave a little kindness wherever you go,