How To Use Your “Daily Battery”: What It Is, What It Does, And Why It’s Important

“What The Heckin’ Bob Is My ‘Daily Battery’?”

If you’ve taken a close look at our stationery tools, you may have noticed that many of our tools ask about your “Daily Battery” and perhaps you’re thinking, “what the heckin’ bob is that?!” Fair question, friend! And it’s actually pretty simple!

The concept goes like this:

Each day, you have a daily battery. Some days, you wake up and your battery is nearly-full. You slept well, you feel good and moderately refreshed. Other days, you might wake up and your battery is dangerously low… you have less personal resources to divvy out for the day.

All of our tasks and engagements and responsibilities use up our battery life, and practicing different types of self care can help us to recharge.

Illustration by Aly Dort, Little & Sage

Illustration by Aly Dort, Little & Sage

Think About It Like This…

Your phone is at 10% battery and you need to watch a documentary to complete a report for school or work. How realistic is it to expect your phone to effectively and efficiently perform that task without first being re-charged?

It isn’t.

Your phone will inevitably run out of battery after a few minutes and turn off, regardless of how badly you need to finish the task.

Our bodies and minds are the same.

Failing to practice critical self care to recharge and “powering through” activities that require a lot of your mental and physical energy will eventually lead to Burnout.

Your Daily Battery Is Your Best Planning & Time Management Tool

Your Daily Battery is hands down your best planning tool, allowing you to plan your day with intention, in accordance to your actual level of wellness. It is a S.M.A.R.T, personalized time-management tool whose priority is maintaining and sustaining your wellness.

Waking up and planning without regard to your health often leaves us feeling ill-equipped, over-extended, discouraged, irritable and sick. Carelessly planning your day consistently and over an extended period of time ends in Burnout, and sometimes even extended medical leaves- like in my case.

Using your Daily Battery as your main planning tool allows us to be realistic and prioritize tasks that reflect our personal resources for the day. This way, the tasks we take on are done well, and leave us feeling empowered at the end of the day, instead of feeling powerless.

Your Battery Doubles As A Wellness / Mood Tracker

You may start noticing patterns relating to your Daily Battery as you continue to use it, which can help alert you to potential underlying issues or concerns. Perhaps you’ve already identified the culprit: maybe you’re going through a Depressive episode, or perhaps you have a newborn at home. Maybe you have low iron and it’s affecting your energy levels…

There are a variety of reasons we might experience lower-than-normal energy or wellness levels and using your Daily Battery consistently can help you to identify potential concerns.
For me, tracking my Daily Battery provides insight into the warning signs of Burnout and Seasonal Affective Disorder. I’ve also noticed a cyclical affect that lines up with my menstrual cycle. Noticing these patterns can be such an empowering thing, as it lends itself to self awareness. It’s one of my favourite tools in my self care toolkit, and it’s one of the most accessible!

That said, it’s important to note that using your Daily Battery as a wellness tracker is meant to support- not replace- medical and professional help, and it’s important to consult with a physician any concerns you might have.

Illustration by Aly Dort, Little & Sage

Illustration by Aly Dort, Little & Sage

Your Daily Battery Is A Renewable Resource, But You Need To Know How To Re-Charge It!

For some people, their only restoration happens after a significant amount of sleep. Those living with chronic disabilities and pain may also find that re-charging their Daily Battery is difficult. Just as we all have a different tolerance to stress, we all have a different process of restoring our Daily Battery to prevent Burnout. You are your greatest advocate in this regard. You know your body more than anyone, and it’s important that you take note of what is- and isn’t- working for you and your health and plan accordingly.

As an introvert, I know that I require a lot of time to myself in order to recharge. Extroverts may find that being around people helps to refill their battery.

Equally as important, though, is making an active effort to partake in the kinds of self care that initially drain your battery, but help you to maintain a healthy battery in the future. These acts of self care are often difficult, and taxing and may even cause you initial anxiety, but they’re just as important.

A great example of this are things like cleaning your space, doing your taxes or budgeting. All of these can be anxiety provoking and take a lot of mental and physical energy at first. But the rewards far exceed that initial expenditure, as they help alleviate stress and contribute to the longevity of your Battery moving forward. Make sense?

What questions do you have about your Daily Battery? Are there activities that tend to drain your battery faster than others? What are your thoughts?

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