Creative Empowerment Through Motherhood With Jessie Harrold

I recently had the pleasure of having a lovely conversation with author and Doula, Jessie Harrold, and it left me feeling so full and rejuvenated. Jessie has such beautiful soul and has this superpower of sorts, of making you feel both seen and empowered. It’s no wonder then, that so many feel a sense of connection and empowerment through her work.

Illustration by Aly Dort

Illustration by Aly Dort

The mothershift podcast, ep. 4

I devoured our podcast episode the moment I got home and though I’d had the conversation with her just last month, it reignited this empowered sense of self within me and left me feeling confident and proud- weird!

Side note: It’s not actually weird to feel confident and proud! Though they’re certainly feelings I don’t experience often enough.

We chatted about creative empowerment during Motherhood, and how many new Mamas burst at the seams with this creative surge. And about how you seemingly become more of your truer self than you ever thought possible.

We also talk a lot about Self Care- I know, shocker!- and how it looks so different for new parents.

Jessie also gave me the opportunity to speak a little about being a full-time single parent, and what unique struggles that presents for those of us without the usual support system… An important conversation that I feel passionately about for obvious reasons!

I would love for you to have a listen and share with me any thoughts you might have! Though I also encourage you to check out some of Jessie’s work and listen to the other episodes she recorded as a part of her MotherSHIFT podcast project: there are some pretty incredible women involved and I think there’s something magical about hearing the journeys of many different women.

Listen To The Podcast Episode by Jessie Harrold

Listen To The Podcast Episode by Jessie Harrold

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