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Stationery for Self Care

What’s in your self care toolkit?

Self care is not just about relaxation and rejuvenation. it’s also about the hard stuff. It’s about doing the work to ensure you have an effective toolkit to draw from. It’s about having the tools to be your best self.

Our goal is to help empower you by creating thoughtful and engaging tools to help you get the most out of your self care practices, so that you have the right tools for the job.

when you are your best self and plan in accordance to how you actually feel, you are not only more productive, but more efficient and successful overall.


This is me; Aly.
I am an only parent, an INFJ, a coffee lover and illustrator.

Lavender & Sage begann with my own need for engaging and effective tools that helped me put into practice the skills and knowledge I’ve learned throughout my mental health journey.

I’m wildly passionate about creating visually engaging tools and thoughtful dialogue that helps to educate and empower you along the way.


I am also passionate about working alongside other small businesses, ENTREPRENEURS and non-profit organizations to create meaningful tools for both your clients and team members.